The Synergy Lounge Is A Place Where Life Comes Together To Dance

We all have the answers that we seek within us. What is shared herein is simply a reminder, one vantage point in an array of many to help you on your journey towards truth. It’s a place where ideas come together (controversial, popular, or otherwise) and perpetuate harmony in our world.


We encourage you to visit the help page to get the most out of your experience here at The Synergy Lounge. It explains how to access the articles on this site. Some of the material is navigational through the side bar’s hierarchical format and others are not. One thing that I would like to stress is the search feature. It has been embedded for the convenience of locating subjects that interest you. In the side bar, on the right side of the page, you will find the search feature. See image below.


It works wonderfully in finding anything that has been written, thus far, on your associated interests.  For example, would you like to see topics that mention Obama?  Simply type Obama in the search bar and hit the search key and all articles that have been written to date that mentions Obama will populate for your viewing pleasure.  See the help page for further assistance.

The “About” page is an introduction to our author, Nabiyah An-Nur.  She authors this site due to the feedback and demand received requesting that she share her light and graceful wisdom with a larger audience. We think you will find her most intriguing.  Please introduce yourself and let her know how you feel about her contributions to The Synergy Lounge.

Please remember this site is new and evolving every day and we are excited that you are here to grow with us, to be a part of the synergy of life that allows love and light to amplify beingness!  As we expand you will notice that the diversity of subjects are expanding with us.

The Synergy Lounge is a place where you can come to reflect and challenge yourself to take the next step in your journey, regardless of what that is.  Are you an Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Spiritualist, Wiccan, etc., or none of these? Are you interested in Quantum Physics, The Sacred Feminine, Singing Bowls, Kabbalah/Qabalah, Self Empowerment, Goddess Wisdom, Metaphysics, Color Therapy, Yoga, Fitness, Crystals, etc., or none of these? Is does not matter to us! You are welcome here with open arms.

All comments, thoughts, and ideas are appreciated and we invite you to share them.  On most pages there is a rating system, please rate what you’ve seen if you feel moved to.  If not, no worries.  Our hearts are full of gratitude for the time that you have shared with us during your visit and are prayerful that you will visit often.

If there is a topic that you would like to see posted here or there something on your mind that you would like to discuss, please let us know.  We look forward to connecting with all of you. Love and light to all on your beautiful journey through life!

2 comments on “The Synergy Lounge Is A Place Where Life Comes Together To Dance

  1. Namaste,

    Thank you for posting my website as a link on your blog.
    Would love to see you develop this more. I see unlimited
    possibilities for spreading the light and showcasing your

    Blessings for infinite creation and love,


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