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Welcome to prayer.  The Prayer Pages are made available in text, some will be forthcoming and available in sound.  Most of the prayers that are shared here have been written by Nabiyah An-Nur and therefore will have a very eclectic feel to them.  You may experience hints of Christianity, Judiasm, Islam, Buddhism, Shamanism, Native American tradition, etc., or it may be a fusion of those traditions.  It just depends on where she was in the moment that they were offered to the Divine.  Some prayers may be more traditional in nature, but most will not. Eventually, we hope to have video prayer that you can follow or watch from your computer. Visit often.  This will be a great feature of the site =)

If anyone visiting is good with video imaging and have a vision for one of the prayers that you found on this site, please let us know.  We may be interested in working with you to produce some video for us.  Remember all rights are reserved by Nabiyah An-Nur and no duplication or recreation of her work is allowed without her expressed written consent.

Thank you for visiting. Love and light to you all!


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