Quest: Navigating your way around They Synergy Lounge.

Navigational Menu: There is a navigation menu at the top of every page to take you to the main areas of this virtual lounge. We realize that the black font may be illegible for some.  However, it is the best color to overlay the back. Unfortunately, it is still causing problems for some. The good news is, if you place your cursor over the words on the top navigational menu it will highlight it and make those categories clearly visible to you. Thank you for your understanding =)

Directive: On every page and post view of this website there is a side bar (menu).  In the sidebar (the section listed to the right of the page) there is a listing of areas available for visit. You will notice that the side bar has a list of titles that are colored blue and underlined.

The current areas to navigate through are Pages, Categories, Blogroll, Ny’s Sites, Spiritual Wealth Affiliates, and Meta.

What are these areas?

Search is a tool where you can enter words, titles, or phrases to search for content anywhere on the site that relates to your search term. Correct spelling is a must.  This is not true for all areas of wordpress. Therefore, I have added something called search tags on all my pages. The search tags will allow you to find pages, as well as posts related to the subject.  This will stand true regardless if that page contains the word searched within its actual content or not, hence the need for a search tag =)

Pages is a list of topics that are static (do not change/move). New information (articles) will be added to the topic of the main page (i.e., Introspection, On the Reel, Prayer, etc.) as soon as they become available. Pages are accessible and listed in a hierarchical listing, viewable on the side bar. Therefore, any pages (articles) that are related to the main or sub topic will have an arrow with an indentation (relational tree) to show that it is a part of that subject matter. All pages are accessible via the side bar menu. However, posts (changing articles) are accessible on the side bar menu, under “categories,” in a drop down list format. In the near fear, we will creating a listing of links specific to that page’s topic to make accessibility more friendly. In the meantime, we are appreciative of your patience.

Categories are available in a drop-down list format.  This is a table of contents for the variable subject matter of  articles posted on this site. The articles found through categorical access are updated regularly and is in what I call a running (traditional) blog format.  What I mean by that is, you can choose a general subject like disease for instance, and everything that I have written related to disease will be found there, one article after the next. There are a variety of categories that will be available on this site, some of them include Nutrition, Exercise, Inner Truth, etc. However, the drop-down menu will only show you the categories that actually contain articles pertaining to that subject matter. For example, if you only see the category “Disease” in the drop-down menu, then that means only articles that are related to disease are available to view at that time. Think about it like this, Categories are more so about what is current and changes often in relation to a subject (like a news paper) and Pages is a place where the visitor can come to reflect often and the information doesn’t change nor does it move (like a book).

Blogroll: Is a list of links that I subscribe to. It is basically a recommendation section for other blogs that you might enjoy.

Ny’s Sites: This is a list of the other blogs that I author and manage.

Spiritual Wealth Affiliates: Is a list of external links (outside of The Synergy Lounge and WordPress) that are authored and, or managed by people or organizations that are committed to uplifting communities and inspiring  empowerment in people through their products, writing, visions, or programs.

Meta: Is a an area related to the administration or data logged about the site.  There are two links there “Entries RSS” and “Comments RSS,” that allows you to subscribe to the site and view posts (articles that would be found under categorical view) that have been added to the site since your last visit.  However, keep in mind that articles listed under pages would not be included in this RSS feed.  You will have to visit the site and check under the sidebar for pages that may have been added per your interest. It is unfortunate, but this is the mechanics of the blog world. Once I get my actual website up and running (outside of the blog world) this will be a moot point.

How Do I find what articles are available?

Scenario: When I click on the tab Introspection, located at the top of the site window (blinking text), it gives me information about what that section of the site is going to offer, but I don’t see any links to the articles that are related to the page Introspection.

Question: How do I get to all the articles that are under a specific tab (page)? Answer: Look under the information above specific to Pages.

Question: Okay that was helpful, but now I am looking for a post that I read about 3 weeks ago under exercise and it’s too many articles to scroll through. How do I find what I am looking for since posts are not static (do not change) like your pages? Answer: Use the search feature described above. If there was anything that was said that stood out to you type it in and it should bring up all pages and posts that contain the words that you entered within its content.

Note: If you are having any difficulty navigating this blog or finding what you need, please post a comment and I will do my best to make the needed corrections or provide direction that will improve the quality of future visits. Thanks you for your help with this and thank for visiting The Synergy Lounge.




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