Prayer of the Divine Self

Father/Mother Divine, Son as one, Infinitely do I seek thee, from the purest and truest essence of “I.” For I AM! I am the eternal continuum of life and the harmonic expression of love reverberating balance within the ethers of the Eternal Now. Infinitely I experience this, consciously realizing that opposition is a blessing, a tool used to exercise and develop the strength of my character and my spirit. The highest truth, purest love, and sacred harmony will forever be my hosts and my neighbors. Creation knocks dutifully and joyfully on the door between my brows. Openly and gratefully I receive that which I am, Creation! I am soaring the chords of the unimaginable, producing a music that would romance the most chaotic energy into sipping the wines of harmony and right order. Third eye, sacred treasure… reveal… remove the veils of truth that I may access the highest clarity and move within the bath of eternal light, emanating and amplifying codes within the sacred geometry of my beingness that bear fruits of the sweetest nectar. The nectar of hope, resolution, love, compassion, and progress.

In this whirl of harmonic balance, finding myself at zero ~ a formless energy, raw and unbundled, collects itself and rides the breath of a wave, quietly presenting currents of truth on the shores of raw creativity. The Sacred Feminine massages the shoulders of uncertainty and strokes the hair of a subdued truth until it becomes untangled and flowing with beauty.

Untamed, there is no beast to control, for the wild has been unjustly defined by the fear of the uneducated. Nature harmonizes with the melodies of all of life’s kingdoms and needs not be domesticated by the intellect or egoic shackles that masks itself as structure and order.

I AM, savor my nature. I do not destroy with greed, but transform through the the creed of galatical purpose. I AM LOVE servicing the highest good.

The elements are part of my nature
Air, Fire, Ether, Water, and Earth
Continually, I give birth to harmony
The resistance will fade
Sacred Truth is not ignored
The light body of Christhood will invade this shade
And consciousness of the the highest will soar

May It Be, May It Be, May It Be, So It Is! Amin ~

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