Sacredness of ONE

Sacred child of the Original One
Streaming vibrant colors from palettes of creation
Emerging onto canvas of BEing
Transcendent of temporal, evolving and infinite
Giving breath to unfolding pictures of soul
Infusing rhythmic intonations of celestial geometries
Animating sound & light, creating form
Birthing Love, outside the web of time, between the turning points of sand, the still place… flowering lotus of union…
Eternal breath, divine winds carrying mysteries of All within the embrace of your humble nature
I AM songs of inner truth, powerfully present, mindful
Singing from heart, humming love…
Sounds weaving the language of rainbow bridges
Crystal memories of path gently massaging harmonies of  possibility
Birthing a child of Sun, healing by the law of ONE

Therefore, I AM…

Honoring the dawn of Kala… Welcome, princess of the Golden Womb… Aloha nui….

Copyright © 2007 Nabiyah An-Nur
Unauthorized reproduction or duplication, in whole or in part, is a violation of applicable laws. All rights reserved.  This work is also a part of a larger collection, “Spirit Musings.”


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