Overcoming Shadows

Fly me away from here YHWH, far, far away, til we reach a place where there is only you and I.  My heart is open. Heighten my awareness that I may know you more fully, right now.  Permeate my vehicle with the heat of you, reveal yourself through the life in my veins.   Only when I am drunk with the appreciation of you am I alive.  El Elyon, I am eternally in awe and gratitude of your greatness.  My joy is manifest when I give you praise.  My love for you grows more and more, moment to moment, for you require nothing from me except to be love realized.

It is dangerous to soar if you cannot appreciate ground.  I am wind and earth, fire and water, my very nature is to embody the bifurcated essence of these dichotomies.  My breath sleeps on the soft of the grass and my heartbeat kisses the toes of the sky and to resist one is to deny myself truth.  Lately, I have been thinking of the illusions of separateness and the false ideals of negatives.  Why would I welcome such a reality? Why would one choose to poison themselves with delusions? I choose to embrace my journey, the arduous and the smooth.  For there is an opportunity for me to realize you again and again, each time opening to something greater in every high and every low.  Every trial and every blessing has a price and a reward, its all perception.  Balance is the formula for joy.  This is truth and I embrace it.  Holy Spirit lay on my mind and heart as I approach each experience on my path. Enlighten me that I may have the wisdom to recognize the opportunities within the oppositions that I face and the grace in the good times. Comfort me that I may exercise the grace of a warrior, a warrior of peace and light.  And when I have a moment to rest, fly me away from here, far, far way, til we reach a place where there is only you and I, and then there is only one, LOVE.

~May it be, May it be, May it be… for love eternal, Amin.

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