Beautiful Black Woman

This poem was written Jan. 8, 1997
Dedicated to my best friend Sonia C. Easter

Your beauty is not only defined by the deep strength exuding from your skin, the lust of black waves protecting your crown or your sleek feminine style that make other women frown.
Yes, we see the soft almonds that shape your eyes and the nose that signatures your lineage of the skies.
Your lips infinitely attract as they speak but true insight experiences her esoteric peaks.
Radiant vibrations emanate as you share love..
Reverberating harmoniously synergistic explosions within the universal glove.
As trees dance with music of the wind and water laughs as the tides come in ~
Stars are majestic with buoyancy in the skies and flowers play under the sun’s bright eyes~
Your beauty saturates the world with love.
Your beauty reaching deep within, beyond dimensions and realms, before time began ~

Amoebas and protozoa are truly reflecting…

Your love…. the balance… the connection…

You Are A Beautiful Black Woman!


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