We are pleased to have Nabiyah An-Nur as the primary author of the Synergy Lounge.  Nabiyah is a deeply passionate Eclectic Spiritualist who lives life with the highest integrity.  For those who are unfamiliar with Eclectic Spirituality, it is a philosophy that explores and respects the theosophical paradigms of all religious/theological frameworks, offering transcendence of dogmatic strongholds imposed by humanity to facilitate the embodiment of the true essence of beingness.

Nabiyah is a “bridge builder.”  One who points the way to intersecting opportunities where general perceptions may otherwise see blocks and impossibilities.  She does not seek to necessarily teach or share anything new with our readers, as much as to draw the reader, by the invitation, to experience personification of the deepest aspects of their current perspectives on the topics discussed.

Nabiyah’s writing is an unusually comprehensive style that shifts and changes as the conversations or topics build. Within the voice of her writing the audience will be challenged to face themselves in a nonjudgmental place that encourages an openness to introspect and build.  She offers all of us an intuitive, genuine, layered, and thought provoking presentation of ideas and concepts that are almost chameleon in nature, sharing a voice of friendship, teacher, family, therapist, spiritual advisor, devil’s advocate, and the possibilities continue.  Nabiyah believes, as we do, that humanity has an incredible gift, a gift of creation and transmutation.  We all have the tools needed to create what we find most fulfilling; some simply need a gentle reminder of what has been forgotten.

Note From Author:

Namasté Everyone,shamansmoke-1

I am Nabiyah An-Nur.  I am very excited to be a part of this site and to have such a wonderful group of people working with me.  I am an Author, Life Coach, Teacher, Karateka (Yudansha), and Student of Beingness.  I am a conscious expression of light with a vested interest in creating and sharing ideals and modalities that can enrich the life around me. I am question driven with a firm focus on finding a viable solution for the collective. My intent is to build bridges where we may have otherwise found ourselves separate from the experience of other paths. My purpose is to create a synergy within the diversity of our humanness, encouraging those differences to dance in harmony and flavor our experiences, rather than invoke fear and separation.

My passion is writing and the only thing I enjoy more than that is seeing people come together and enjoy what the other has to offer as a deeper reflection of oneself.  My heart chants joy-filled arias when I see others grow and evolve and experience happiness in their own divine right. With a full embrace on life and respect for individuality, my mission is to inspire each of you to push through the limits that you have set for yourself, helping you to become the unimaginable and allow others to do the same. I am the motivator, the encourager… the uplifter!!  I am your biggest fan because I believe that everyone of us should let our light shine and then amplify it until it is blinding.  Every day is a new day, another opportunity to learn, grow and evolve!  What a blessing!

Note: I think I just created a new word “uplifter”… *snicker* I must add that to Nabiyah’s Lexicon ; )

I hope to get to know all of you. Until then… Namasté

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One comment on “About

  1. Thanks, Nabiyah, for your kind words and for putting me on your blog roll. I am honored!

    For two years in college I lived in a coop called Synergy, so was delighted to read that it is part of your blog’s title!

    Good luck with the project, and thanks again.



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