Rainbows, what a phenomenal sight
A radiance of hue between heaven and earth
Majestic is each within its own vibration
If asked, how would one choose?
Surely, embodying one denies the others,
If only for a moment

Harmonic undertones blend these divine graduations into music and entangled in the awe of these enchanted rhythms is an element rarely noticed, most don’t see it
Although, some gifted with transcendence have been known to be captivated by it
It is pure essence and colorless
Ancient teachings have said that the mysteries of life can be found between the turning points of a breath
Similarly, between the colors and beyond is the Colorless
Undefined & creatively free
It is this miracle, which manifests color
And blends the possibilities of music into light
Yes… rainbows are a phenomenal sight
But it’s the “colorless” that give them life!

Dedication: For Ahsha – My worries for you are no more
For you are a colorless miracle… I love you!

With Divine Love, Nabiyah An-Nur

Note: This work is a part of the larger body of what is known as “Inner Reflections,” created and authored by Tamara F. Edwards a.k.a. Nabiyah An-Nur. Unauthorized reproduction or duplication, in whole or in part is a violation of applicable laws. Printed and distributed in U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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