Come Into The All

Ascending into cosmic realms, karma evolving… positively sound
Open yourself to emotion never seen
Feel everything as you and you as a dream

Emitting energies, galatical influence
Emersed…absorbed…by loves natural vent

Surrounded by purity, drowned by angelic tears
Recognition of self is “Elohim” stand without fear!

Soar the clouds as a ship, launched through a port
Your an awakening avatar, an etheric being of sort

Collective entities dance to the insights conceived
While immense vibrations claim the aura of your being

Exhilarating is your light, impenetrable
The power of the Divine emanating from within
Chosen by elders to help us guide
Eliminating race, time, and illusions of pride

Come into “The all”, hear your cosmic conscious call
Expand back into the heavens that you are
The godly ones, the celestial ones, the one from the stars
“Come into the all”


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