Reverence For Divinity

Note: This work is a part of the larger body of what is known as “Inner Reflections,” created and authored by Tamara F. Edwards a.k.a. Nabiyah An-Nur. Unauthorized reproduction or duplication, in whole or in part is a violation of applicable laws. Printed and distributed in U.S.A. All rights reserved.


Flame of fire, purify the conscious and unconscious streams of thought between me and my glorious creator. Ignite my creative passions manifesting a perpetual glow of the Holy Presence around me. Winds of Peace, gently do I summon the sweet kisses of your eternal grace. Celestial rain whispers an escort through the trees of the worlds and I observe the Divine’s presence in every drop. Mountain tops shower in the milk of the sun’s rays, while it’s fortifying wisdom illuminates every expression of life. Oh Divine One, my love for you is present in every exchange of my breath. The rhythmic drum of my soul chants your praises and glorifies your Divine names. I can hear the symbols of the angels as they dance in harmony with the spirits that lullaby the universe. Elders of majestic silence calms all the noise and my inner voice is strengthened. My soul is free to soar the chords of the music. Giver of life, Essence of love, Eternal flame… I drink from the cosmic ocean that my breath may be sweetened with wisdom and gratitude. My heart melts with appreciation, knowing that the doorway to higher consciousness is always open and its flutes of promise unyielding in its welcoming. We are of one wave, one breath, one light and I stand in eternal awe.


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