Welcome to Fusion.  You have reached a place of wonder, imagination, and possibility. A place where you can dance to an eclectic rhythm of energies as you explore a unique blend of articles rich with various spiritual modalities for healing and well-health of the mind, body and spirit. If you are looking for more formal, theologically based information, there will be a host of articles founded in those treasures as well.  Please be mindful that the perspectives and documentation shared herein is not intended to persuade, dissuade, convert, or disenchant anyone from any particular thought or belief.  All views and beliefs are respected, welcomed, and honored as your divine right of beingness, as long as those beliefs and expressions, thereof, do not support or promote intolerance, hatred, violence or violate of another person’s right to be.  Fusion is intended to stimulate and encourage free thinking, to magnify truth, whatever that may be for you.  We hope to inspire truth rising with a love-centered essence that will bring forth the most nourishing fruit.  Although we may not always agree with the view(s) of our readers, we will never tear down or denigrate your perspectives. We encourage you to honor your truth. Our choice is to acknowledge your right to BE, as well as our own, and share an experience that enriches the life around us.


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