Under this tab you will find all kinds of thought provoking articles. This area is meant to inspire and challenge you.  It is a forum that will cover an array of topics. This is an invitation to bathe in the waters of the Celestial Rain. There will be many focuses… religious, spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics, new thought, practical living, etc., whatever you find that you are drawn to you, you may eventually you find it here.   This blog is still relatively new, in the sense of active posting and it may take a little for things to grow, so please bear with me =)

Please note: I am not trying to convince, convert or ask you for anything, other than your gift of time shared while reading. Your beliefs and thoughts are yours and I respect that. I am simply sharing my perspectives with all of you, openly. If you are resonant with what is shared, fantastic! If you are not, fantastic!

~ Enjoy the ride ~


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