As the dove has spread its wings, so is my heart opened. Reaching through the womb of this world, I gently grab the hands of my angelic brethren. Frozen in thought, my soul smiles at the reflection and memory of you, oh Divine One.  Holy Spirit hear my cry, come upon my soul with a vengeance that my sight be restored.  Lead me to the cosmic spring where I can drink from the cups of tenderness.  As I travel across the bridges that connect to other worlds I collect patches of wisdom that I can sew into my blanket of compassion.  Shadows of light, I am grateful for safe passage.  The transformational power of the Divine is upon me.   The violet flame burns passionately around the door of my ki. Within the center is a white haze, almost veil-like, softly humming sweet vibrations of the sweetest name (YHWH).  Herein lies the power of transcendence, metamorphosis and peace.  My merkaba is at my command now… and I am eternally grateful.

Blessed be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be… Always in love, It is done! ~ Amin

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