Choosing Healthy Attitudes Nurtures Gainful Experiences TM HandsOm

Change is an unavoidable movement of energy flowing toward the positive or negative. Its presence is found within the very breath of life, helping to create the functional reality we call the experiential phenomena. It is happening all around us every day, every hour, every second. Change is an undefined raw expression waiting to be defined. However, we cannot ignore that there is a natural rhythm, a natural flow that will happen with or without our conscious direction. Very similarly, our bodies can and does breathe without conscious or voluntary thought to do so. However, when we do breathe consciously, we develop our muscles differently, brain usage is increased, our endurance is strengthened, and so on. By being a participator in the breathing process, a yogi can affect the functions of his/her body, providing manifested evidence of the mysterious principals of biopsychology. We are no different than a yogi. What separates us from that experience is information and choice. We can significantly effect many of the changes that we must face by participating as a conscious co-creator in our journeys. How we experience those changes depends on our perspectives. When we allow ourselves to be attached to circumstances we create disharmony for ourselves, developing a natural resistance to that change in order to try and hold on to what we believe will secure our happiness.

The fundamental component for creating the change that you want is to first recognize what preconceived values you have placed on that movement (in both directions) and decide whether those “values” serve you in the highest place. The primary goal is to “know thyself.” You cannot change what you do not understand. When you have done the internal work and grown into the realization of who you are, confidence and peace become your companions. The highest truth is that you are a beautiful, spiritual being, having a physical experience which provides a platform for each of us to master the ART of BEING. My spiritual understanding encourages the embrace of this truth: “Your physical experience will create mastery.” This means that failure is not an option. Please do not misunderstand. There is a difference between failure and delay. The important question to remember is not whether or not you will fail, but “when” will you arrive. How fast do you want to master it? You will not fail! You will eventually master your Beingness/The Art of Being, but how long it takes you, well… that is up to you!

Every moment in your life is a continuum of opportunities for learning and each of those moments is designed to bring you the highest quality for your path. Your relationship with change is key in maximizing your potential and expediting your ability to master life’s lessons. What do I mean by that? When I say your “relationship with change,” I am referring to your attitude about it. By now I am sure that you are familiar with the concept that our perceptions create our reality. Well, this may be a good time to point out that our perceptions are not mutually exclusive from our attitudes. Your attitude can create a barrier or remove a block, thereby acting as a fundamental building block of our perceptual reality. My father used to say, “It’s not your aptitude, it’s your attitude!” It is a very profound statement indeed and is the basis for the vision of the acronym [c]hoosing [h]ealthy [a]ttiudes [n]urtures [g]ainful [e]xperiences and ultimately the inspiration for this post. Once you understand this basic premise, you will begin to create life as you choose to experience it and reap the “good feeling” that comes from the rewards of higher, more conscious choices. The notion of “learning to dance in the rain” and “finding quiet in a world full of thunder” are but a couple of examples of growth achieved in accepting and effecting change. Your desires are within your reach. Do not wait. Start today. Create your vision!

Conscious Change is moving from where you are into the direction that you want to be in. It is seeing your goals in the mind’s eye and then creating a road map for getting there. It is accepting and respecting what is “needed” in order to support the fruition of the highest truth, albeit that need may prove challenging. Step into the promise of your greatness. BE the Change!


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