The Oracle Pages

Coming Soon…  The oracles pages is a personal place within this blog for my shared moments with the Sacred Feminine. Within each of us, is our true nature, our true beingness. It exceeds the (i)dentity of the individual self. It is the awareness of ourselves that rests peacefully within the bosom of our Divine Creator. Many who view these pages may not understand, but those who are ready will. These pages are personal to me, but if there is anyone who can find something of value here then I am grateful. I extend my heart, sharing with you the most intimate parts of my journey; for we are all truly one.

My vision of interconnectedness and the Great Spirit’s (Creator) divine presence in everything fills me. There is no confusion, there is no belief that trees, birds, or other such manifestations are the Great Spirit, however, the Great Spirit/Divine Source/God is within it. Therefore, I acknowledge the beauty of all the energy that is around me and the sacredness within it, loving all of Spirit’s creations and working with them on my journey.

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