Souls journeying through familiar space
Find themselves drawn by the same magnetism that holds the planets steady
Seeking balance, they fluctuate between discipline and nature, oneness and separateness
Spreading the wings of their truth and safely anchored by the tree of life, growth is inevitable
What was once defied, brushed off before as a passing moment
Now, manifests as beauty
Born of love and what seemed so plain is a higher truth
Like timeless treasures lying within the notes of an unfamiliar song
Wisdom unimagined, formless, and untouched
Tenderly whispers on the neck of our memories
Our creativity challenged only by the limitations of our pride
Pride, a link in the chain of ignorance, impedes the experience of true freedom
Submission to the sacred journey, is to remain honest and true to the self; it is the gateway to promise
Swords Play, whether verbal or physical, is simply the ego masking itself behind the shadows of emotional inadequacy and victories hoped for… the chase of an imaginary crown for the master that seeks to prove himself and yet, worthiness is counterfeit…
For he or she is
Close your eyes that you may see
We are all souls journeying through familiar space…
Seeking balance, we fluctuate between growth and reflection; thus, is the ebbs and flows of life
Lay down your sword that you may know the truth of your opponent
In essence, there is only you
Now pick up your brush and strike the canvas with colors of promise
The promise of love and light… the promise of truth… the promise of you
For we are Timeless Treasures


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