The Divine Me

God/Goddess within, Awaken Now!  God/Goddess within, Awaken Now!  Expand your presence beyond the boundaries of my physical vehicle.  Saturate my soul with your knowledge and your wisdom.  Awaken sleeping one! Rise and awaken the energy centers of my being.  Illuminate my spiritual gateways, allowing transcendence of all planes, revealing what lies before me.  Invoke the master level of my divine center.  The Great Dove has spread it’s wings before me, here to lead the way we are ascending as one.  Merging with eagle spirit and owl, one eye has a keen sense of sight and the other translates an ancient wisdom of celestial discernment.  Clarity and I are endlessly soaring multidimensionally and I now observe as an elder, returning to the earth plane to walk as a seasoned avatar.  My path is guided and protected and I am most grateful to the Great Spirit (YHWH Nissi).  Love envelopes me.  I personify the essence of Love. I  AM LOVE.  Spirit of wolf, you and I are never separate.  My way is lit by the moon’s reflection of Divine center.

Within the forest is the essence of beauty.  Lotus as you radiate the choices before me, lovingly do I share the energy of every petal  with every expression of my being.  Medicine woman dance upon my belly expelling any fevers of unrighteousness…  restore my prana to well health.  Stargates smile as I journey… tribal drums soothe my soul as I travel home and gently return to body again.  Hummingbird sweetens the tone of my inner voice, harmonizing my core with my Christ body. All of my selves are merged. I am one with center, Now!  In this moment and every moment, I choose to detangle my words from any sour and speak from the spring of sweet rain.  I run with breeze, indistinguishable between coolness of air and mist.  I am awakened to my greatest potential. I am a loving and pure being.  Birthing within me is the Shaman I have been preparing to be and to her I say… Welcome…

Let it be, It is done ~ Always in Love and Light through the eternal now ~ Amin

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