Day 1 of the 21 Day Meditation, “Finding Your Flow”

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“My security and peace are within.”




I am security.


Collective Intention:

May your day be filled with grounded energy rooted in peace and your unshakable inner truth. Namasté


 Message of the Day:

Day 1 – Finding Security

The flow of life is composed of various streams of energy.. our impulses for security, happiness, power, love, creativity, insight, and self- actualization all move together to form our unique life expression. In living this expression, we find our flow, the universal rhythm within… that is the infinite source of joy, balance, harmony, and love. We begin our journey by establishing our core sense of security as the stable basis for all the growth to come.

Today’s Quote

“Security represents your sense of worth, your identity, your emotional anchorage, your self-esteem, your basic personal strength or lack of it.” —Stephen Covey

Message from Oprah:

“Welcome, Friends.  Deepak and I are so happy to have you join us for this powerful new 21 day meditation experience, “Finding Your Flow.”  For those of you who are new to meditation, this will be an experience of heart-opening expansion and joy…  I certainly hope so.  For those of you who have been with us before, you already know this is a beautiful new journey.  For everyone, we are about to share an inner guide for transforming your life.”

One of the truths I most deeply believe is that everything in life, E-very-THING is energy.” Within every one of us is the energy that makes the sun rise every day and keeps the planets aligned. It’s there, already inside of you, waiting for you to know it. And when you tap into your connection with that Source… that miraculous energy… what I know for sure is that the universe rises up to meet you in unimaginable ways and will help you create the life you want.

This is the path we will be traveling over the next three weeks.

In week one, we’ll begin to understand how energy works, the energy within.  We’ll find and awaken the powerful flow that is available to us in every moment.  We’ll explore the kinds of energy we are creating, whether we know it or not, and begin to connect to the essential knowledge that we are safe in the Divine Energy, in the order of everything.”

In our second week, we’ll harness that powerful inner energy as we begin to activate our flow. We’ll connect to the seven key energy centers within each of us and use that connection to begin to build a grounded state of peace and possibility.

And in week three, once we’ve opened and begun practicing how to influence our own energy, we’ll experience transformation as we settle into the comfortable expression of our individual, magnificent flow.  It’s a powerful current that will allow joy, and love, fulfillment, to come to life in you, through you, and for you.  So let’s begin.  Listen as Deepak guides us to a grounded place of safety and stillness.  From there, ohhhh will we flow! “


Message from Deepak:

“We’ve learned from neuroscience that specific brain regions take on the functions of different areas of life. There are areas for the five senses, for emotions, and for basic needs like hunger and sleep.  Meditation directly affects these centers, which is why the most research indicates that within a few minutes of a person’s first meditation, physical changes begin to appear such as heart rate, blood pressure and hormone levels.  Each day on this journey we will use meditation to awaken a different aspect of the self corresponding to a specific brain response.  In the spirit of the ancient wisdom traditions we will use meditation to find our flow in life.

There is a wellspring of deep, quiet, beautiful energy within and when you unleash it, it will begin to shape your intentions, shape your thoughts, and especially your actions.  For centuries, the road to this inner world and its gifts has been through meditation, which allows you to naturally access its hidden energy.  Today, we will awaken the flow of security, the place inside you that knows only safety, peace, and a sense of grounding.  Everyone has the basic need to feel safe; without it, life feels insecure and stress magnifies that insecurity. We also have a core of stability inside that we can return to throughout the ups and downs of everyday life.  Once you experience this safe place inside, you have found the flow of security; the core of yourself that isn’t shaken by outer events. Centered in this place, you can access a sense of safety and security, even when you’re having a bad day or facing a personal challenge.  Today is about grounding yourself with the energy of safety, security, stability and peace.


As we prepare to meditate together, let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, My security and peace are within.  My security and peace are within.”

Now, we’ll begin our meditation.  Please find a comfortable position, placing your hands lightly in your lap and closing your eyes.  Notice the inflow and outflow of your breath, just as it is. Feel your body, noticing any tension it might be holding on to and let it melt away with each inhalation and exhalation.  Let go of all thoughts and expectations.  Trust that your meditation experience today and each day will be exactly right in the moment.  Now, gently introduce the Sanskrit Mantra, LAM.  Repetition of this mantra during meditation cultivates a state of inner peace that helps you to feel grounded and safe.  Repeat it silently to yourself, LAM… LAM… LAM… Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations simply return your attention to silently repeating the mantra, LAM… LAM… LAM….

Continue with your meditation. I’ll mind the time and at the end of the meditation you will hear me ring a soft bell. LAM… LAM… LAM…. just mentally…  LAM… LAM… LAM….  Bell Sounds to begin.



Note to Self: The actual meditation is only 10 minutes; give yourself fully to this moment.  You can set your timer for exactly ten minutes and come back to complete today’s focus.

Bell Sounds on actual audio at (16:47):

DEEPAK: It’s time to release the mantra.  Take some time to rest, inhaling and exhaling slowly.  When you feel ready you can open your eyes.

Release the mantra.  Take some time to rest, inhaling and exhaling slowly.  When you feel ready, you can open your eyes.

As you continue with your day contemplate the centering thought, “My security and peace are within.  My security and peace are within.  My security and peace are within.”

To keep the essence of today’s meditation with you as you travel through the day consider making time to check in with your experience of security.  Several times today, notice how you feel.  Do you feel centered and grounded?  When uncertain moments arise, do you feel safe or unsafe, secure or insecure?  Just observe and be with your feelings.  Pay attention to the moments that you do feel grounded and secure.  This natural state is one that you can always access and come back to for peace and clarity.  The flow of feeling safe is part of your essential being; there to support you and bring you home to yourself, your true self.” Namasté

Reflection Journal:

Question 1 of 4

What does it mean when all the parts of your life are flowing smoothly? What does that look like? How does it feel? As you write, allow yourself the freedom to explore, knowing there is no wrong answer to this question.

Question 2 of 4

What are your intentions for this 21-Day Meditation Experience? What do you want to learn and create in your life during our time together? Be very specific with your intention – it is a powerful way to start any journey. After writing, take a moment to visualize each intention as a seed you are planting today within your heart. The time you spend meditating and journaling each day is the water and sunshine that allows your vision to sprout.

Question 3 of 4

Write down a memory from your past when you felt completely secure, safe, and content. Know and feel that this presence of security is permanent and always available.

Question 4 of 4

Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

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Resources: – Finding Your Flow – To learn more about the Chakras and their seed sounds, color and Sanskrit terms.  This link provides a quick overview.



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