Divine Health Alchemy Presents: Here’s To Your Health by Anasa Blackman


Hydration For Body Soul & Spirit

We are all spirit beings on an earth bound mission encased in a human body. The human body is a well designed machine housing many aspects of our lives, spirit, mind, body. A healthy body can be the foundation for pleasure, function, peace, fun, enjoyment and fulfillment if taken care of in a way that promotes its youthfulness, flexibility, synergy and flow.

Our body’s need solid foods and liquid nourishment to feed the cells, tissues, organs and provide energy to the muscles, bones and brain. One of the most essential and much over looked forms of liquid required for holistic health is water. Water that is clean and alkaline provides an energizing fluid hydrant most necessary for the inner workings of the body. Everything in the body is energy and movement – vibratory frequency. The bloodstream, organs, brain, muscles, heart, stomach, in fact, the entire body requires fluid to function and work properly together.

Water is a conductor which facilitates movement in the body through the cells, tissues, vessels, organs, and all matter in the body. It energizes the inner environment that is constantly required to vibrate and flow. Water is vital for our hearts to lovingly pump the blood that is transported through out the body to brain. Water is critical for the blood to be liquified in the right proportions to be able to flow without stagnation and for the heart to pump without intermittent timing, palpitations or even failure.

Water is a conduit for God’s vibrational frequency & energy to be transmitted to our spirits and for our spirits to send and receive the connection to the Source, God, Creator. Water, too, has a spiritual nature and thus has memory. Water can take form as liquid, solid (ice/frozen state) and vapor (steam/fog). Without water, nothing on this planet would survive. Without water everything including our bodies would be dried up, dehydrated, lifeless and useless. It is the God consciousness in water that is the prime memory that is most suitable to soothe, energize, moisturize, cleanse and maintain the body to function, give and receive from spirit. Even when we take in and absorb food, we are extracting the spiritual nutrients with which to fortify our whole selves. That extraction requires a measure of fluidity.

The body can utilize the nutrient water from vegetables and fruits which would be considered a form of liquifying the body and that is good and necessary, however no liquid should nor can, take the place of good clean tepid, room temperature water on a daily basis in intervals throughout one’s day. Pure clean tepid water is absorbed without shocking or stressing the system or the heart, digestive tract, brain and other vital organs. For those that prefer cold water, cool is exceptionally more suitable to the inner workings of the body than icy cold.

Adequate hydration supports all internal functions and cleanses the body of dense waste matter, toxins and phlegm. Digestion and bowel function require adequate water hydration to optimally function. Our eyes are a prime example of the need for molecular hydration because our eyes are partially embedded within our body and partially exposed to the outside environment. In order to move and rotate without pressure and stiffness the eyes must be maintained in a certain amount of fluid which is nourished by adequate intakes of water.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and requires water from inside and out. Flawless supple skin is maintained by adequate intakes of water and bathing. Often wrinkled skin is housing a dehydrated body and may smooth out substantially with adequate hydration and moisture. Water also cleanses the skin which allows the pores to breathe and create an effective barrier to stave off ordinary germs.

Our hair and scalp needs water. Course and coily textured hair is often dry and revels from regular wetting, misting and moisturizing (just like a dry house plant that revives when watered). Hands and feet appreciate a good soak in nice warm water. Applying certain essential oils to the soaking water will also assist in detoxifying and drawing out toxins from the body. Spirit, mind and soul tremendously benefit from internal intake of water and water bathing, prayer and oils.

Whenever the body’s immune system is compromised or cold, flu, allergies, disease and toxicity is imminent, water is essential to flush and rinse out and neutralize. The water purifies and regenerates. Colonic hydrotherapy is very useful for cleansing, refreshing and anti-aging as it breaks up and rinses out accumulations and waste matter in the colon. This method of internal cleansing has been used by many Yogis and health enthusiasts worldwide and the method instructed to the ancients is referenced in ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace” by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.

Water has been called the river of life and rightly so because without it life would cease to exist. We can go without food for a good number of days but not water. The efficacy and purification of water has become a controversial subject around the globe, because some water due to the detriment of man’s behavior and/or even climactic changes render some water unsafe or impure or too acidic to be beneficial to the health of humans, Mother Earth and all forms of life. In future offerings we will write and present views on various types of water suitable for consumption (bottled, filtered, spring, deionized, purified, mineral, tap, pond, well, structured, alkaline, and we will discuss water storage (plastic vs. glass).

There is an African proverb spoken by the traditional Ifa Yoruba Prophet Orunmila who said, ‘Water has no enemy’ which was immortalized in a song by the late Fela Ransom Anikupolo Kuti, ‘Water No Enemy Get’, which means that all life force needs elemental water. Water is used for pouring libations and for spiritual purification bathing.

The Japanese author Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote many books about the memory and spirituality of water including, ‘The Secret Life of Water’, ‘The Message From the Water’ and others. He brought to the forefront in his writings the knowledge that “human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water” and that “water takes on the resonance of the energy which is directed at it” and that “polluted water can be restored through prayer and positive visualization”.

The Iranian physician Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj presented the book ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’ in which he suggests drinking 2 quarts of water every day and 1/2 teaspoon of salt which balances the inner water balance. He also maintains that regular water consumption can eradicate toxins and diseases from the body.

The Holy Bible speaks of water in Revelation 22:1-2 “Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city.”

The 34th Divine law or commandment in the 42 Principles of the ancient Egyptian Khemetic Goddess Ma’at, was proclaimed daily by devout followers stating, “I will not waste water” and another translation of the 34th and 35th Divine Laws of Ma’at state “Thou shalt not waste the running water” and “Thou shalt not pollute the water or the land”.

The Indian holy scriptures of the Bhagavad-Gita state “One may cleanse himself daily by taking a bath in water but if one takes a bath even once in the sacred Ganges water of Bhagavad-Gita, for him the dirt of material life is altogether vanquished.” Often a special cistern or vase of water is kept inside the home in a sacred space.

Baha’u’llah, the Persian noble Prophet who founded the Bahai faith said in his book “The Seven Cities”, those who are the thirstiest will most appreciate water.”

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus left us with a truism to ponder “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

The Holy Koran says “We have created every living thing from water”.

The native American Cherokees consider any body of flowing water such as a stream, river, creek or tributary to be sacred. Many purification sacred rites were conducted in pristine moving bodies of water.

To the Buddhist’s water represents purity. Many cultures all over the world revere the sacredness of water and keep an open vessel, vase, glass or container of water near the head of their bed when they sleep at night to absorb and cast off negative energies.

Why can “we” see “our” reflection in a body of water? As it is said in the Bible, English Standard Version, Genesis 1:2 “The spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Many traditions and cultures world wide appreciate and understand the spiritual significance of water on many levels and in many dimensions.

It is said that whomever offers water to another offers life. even to his or her own self. When you drink water you are offering life to yourself.

And now a days there is an app for your phone called Daily Water. You set the number of times per day it should pop up and remind you to drink water. Soon it will become habit.

Drink some good clean water. Give yourself the gift of life now.


One comment on “Divine Health Alchemy Presents: Here’s To Your Health by Anasa Blackman

  1. Hey Anasa, great site + i enjoyed your interview with Akua Holt on 03.15.2015 segment of Pan African Journal. Your take on holistic approaches to raising children was on point. I absolutely agree with you and in fact I really think we should schedule an appointment so I can show you an awesome product line that I believe will interest you a whole lot (see website included). My intention is simply to get your opinion on it, especially that for cell phone emf. I really hope to hear back from you.
    Thanks again.


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