Question of the day? I have heard it said “Everything about you is spiritual.” What does this mean exactly?

One of my sisters asked this question on Facebook and I see this question as too powerful, to simply respond in a fugacious manner.  So many of us contemplate these very questions and it is, in my humble opinion, important to share our experiences and understanding.

Question of the day?

I have heard it said “Everything about you is spiritual.” What does this mean exactly? Does it mean you are in this world but not of this world (as scripture says) or something else?

For me, in a nutshell, yes! “We are in this world but not of this world,” sums it up quite nicely! However, if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, I would add this:

The truth drawn from this question is difficult to address. It can be even more difficult to grasp, if one has not reached a minimal level of awareness with respect to consciousness vs. form. Such an answer tests the very foundation of everything that one holds as ‘true’ and will continue to do so as we continue to evolve. Man has long-held the notion that what is being experienced, in what we have come to know as Earth/human life, is a solid experience. It is not. It feels solid, but that is the ‘initial’ point. The human body is a bio-spiritual suit/vehicle made up of complex networks that are connected to a larger manifestation grid. It is designed to assimilate multivariate levels of consciousness via thinking, feeling and action, and through observation and introspection, assess those elements of experience and how they impact the personal journey and other aspects of life (as a collective), in order to perpetuate mastery and evolve consciousness; to expand and mature the quality of soul.

Every thing in the world is a microcosmic model of the divine macrocosmic truth. School Systems, Jobs, Legal Systems, Governments, Marriage, Family, Social Structures, Gaming, Technology, etc., all of these systems came from an innate desire to train, to teach, and to facilitate opportunity for growth and evolution. However, if one is to truly master what IS, we cannot merely study it and observe, we must become a part of it to actualize enlightenment of the greater inherent truths (What works, what does not work, why, what thinking/actions perverted it, am I in agreement with it, is there a need for corrective action and so on). The subjective nature of which allows for a more finite understanding of the infinite. Enlightenment is a rung in the evolutionary ladder of soul and cannot be explained in absolution, it can be subjectively described, but in truth, can only be experienced. It is the gateway from individuality to unity.

What we call spiritual is that which is pertaining to the unseen nature (truths), specific to, and transcendent of, what we objectively know and, or experience as physical within the Hu-man program; inclusive of the Creator (God), Heaven, Hell, Angels, etc. Faith is a great example of what is spiritual, since it serves as an innate connection, a deep knowingness, that is not and cannot be created in the mind. Faith, like most things Spiritual, can be difficult to explain; yet, it does not make it any less true. Some people confuse wishes, desire and belief, for Faith. It is not the same. Faith is an unshakeable knowing! It exceeds the scope of belief. It is a confirmation received in Spirit (that which is incorporeal), of that which is yet to be seen (manifest in the physical). To say that every thing about you is spiritual is to understand that there is a greater purpose connected to all that you are and do… that there is Divine Plan, unseen systems at play of omniscient design, that you are a part of. You are not your body nor your personality. They are modalities of this plane, used to facilitate actualization of consciousness, in form. Your birth (by design), Your gender (by design), Your parents (by design), What you are attracted to (by design)… Your life challenges (by design) and so on. We are here to master urges, influences and challenges of the flesh, and reconcile them with higher consciousness (purer), while in body, for the greater and collective purpose of harmonizing creation. Like the many diverse ecosystems that coexist, side by side, without violation or harm of the other, now… larger, more independently intelligent systems in creation must achieve the same harmony to illuminate love, which is the true essence of all. The Hu-man program is a part of  the balancement, equipoise, of this Divine equation.

“How then does one for or function in the natural world?”

How one functions is dependent on their understanding and Knowledge of Self.  It is a process of development and awareness. To live by the spirit is to live beyond the veil; to see beyond worldly perceptions, detached from reactions predicated purely on emotional stimuli and, or lack of higher understanding; knowing that you are not your body or persona; to know thyself in greater purpose and design, and then… to “think and act” from that truth. Just as… When we subscribe to certain behaviors and thinking in the world it gives us access to or restricts us, it is also true, of the unseen; as above so below, as within so without. On a moment to moment basis one must remember what “IS” and let go of attachments which only enslave, and restrict access to divine consciousness (impersonal, objective). When you choose to navigate through the world in such a manner, you are not bound by the laws of the world; other laws (unseen) become activated and supersede what would otherwise be considered “law, normal, or expected.”

Let me know your thoughts on this. I would love to share in your understanding as well. Blessings and love…


Always in Love




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