Question of the day? I have heard it said “Everything about you is spiritual.” What does this mean exactly?

One of my sisters asked this question on Facebook and I see this question as too powerful, to simply respond in a fugacious manner.  So many of us contemplate these very questions and it is, in my humble opinion, important to share our experiences and understanding.

Question of the day?

I have heard it said “Everything about you is spiritual.” What does this mean exactly? Does it mean you are in this world but not of this world (as scripture says) or something else?

For me, in a nutshell, yes! “We are in this world but not of this world,” sums it up quite nicely! However, if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, I would add this:

The truth drawn from this question is difficult to address. It can be even more difficult to grasp, if one has not reached a minimal level of awareness with respect to consciousness vs. form. Such an answer tests the very foundation of everything that one holds as ‘true’ and will continue to do so as we continue to evolve. Man has long-held the notion that what is being experienced, in what we have come to know as Earth/human life, is a solid experience. It is not. It feels solid, but that is the ‘initial’ point. The human body is a bio-spiritual suit/vehicle made up of complex networks that are connected to a larger manifestation grid. It is designed to assimilate multivariate levels of consciousness via thinking, feeling and action, and through observation and introspection, assess those elements of experience and how they impact the personal journey and other aspects of life (as a collective), in order to perpetuate mastery and evolve consciousness; to expand and mature the quality of soul.

Every thing in the world is a microcosmic model of the divine macrocosmic truth. School Systems, Jobs, Legal Systems, Governments, Marriage, Family, Social Structures, Gaming, Technology, etc., all of these systems came from an innate desire to train, to teach, and to facilitate opportunity for growth and evolution. However, if one is to truly master what IS, we cannot merely study it and observe, we must become a part of it to actualize enlightenment of the greater inherent truths (What works, what does not work, why, what thinking/actions perverted it, am I in agreement with it, is there a need for corrective action and so on). The subjective nature of which allows for a more finite understanding of the infinite. Enlightenment is a rung in the evolutionary ladder of soul and cannot be explained in absolution, it can be subjectively described, but in truth, can only be experienced. It is the gateway from individuality to unity.

What we call spiritual is that which is pertaining to the unseen nature (truths), specific to, and transcendent of, what we objectively know and, or experience as physical within the Hu-man program; inclusive of the Creator (God), Heaven, Hell, Angels, etc. Faith is a great example of what is spiritual, since it serves as an innate connection, a deep knowingness, that is not and cannot be created in the mind. Faith, like most things Spiritual, can be difficult to explain; yet, it does not make it any less true. Some people confuse wishes, desire and belief, for Faith. It is not the same. Faith is an unshakeable knowing! It exceeds the scope of belief. It is a confirmation received in Spirit (that which is incorporeal), of that which is yet to be seen (manifest in the physical). To say that every thing about you is spiritual is to understand that there is a greater purpose connected to all that you are and do… that there is Divine Plan, unseen systems at play of omniscient design, that you are a part of. You are not your body nor your personality. They are modalities of this plane, used to facilitate actualization of consciousness, in form. Your birth (by design), Your gender (by design), Your parents (by design), What you are attracted to (by design)… Your life challenges (by design) and so on. We are here to master urges, influences and challenges of the flesh, and reconcile them with higher consciousness (purer), while in body, for the greater and collective purpose of harmonizing creation. Like the many diverse ecosystems that coexist, side by side, without violation or harm of the other, now… larger, more independently intelligent systems in creation must achieve the same harmony to illuminate love, which is the true essence of all. The Hu-man program is a part of  the balancement, equipoise, of this Divine equation.

“How then does one for or function in the natural world?”

How one functions is dependent on their understanding and Knowledge of Self.  It is a process of development and awareness. To live by the spirit is to live beyond the veil; to see beyond worldly perceptions, detached from reactions predicated purely on emotional stimuli and, or lack of higher understanding; knowing that you are not your body or persona; to know thyself in greater purpose and design, and then… to “think and act” from that truth. Just as… When we subscribe to certain behaviors and thinking in the world it gives us access to or restricts us, it is also true, of the unseen; as above so below, as within so without. On a moment to moment basis one must remember what “IS” and let go of attachments which only enslave, and restrict access to divine consciousness (impersonal, objective). When you choose to navigate through the world in such a manner, you are not bound by the laws of the world; other laws (unseen) become activated and supersede what would otherwise be considered “law, normal, or expected.”

Let me know your thoughts on this. I would love to share in your understanding as well. Blessings and love…


Always in Love




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Changing the Game

Changing The Game…Do you think Twitter, Facebook, and other social media forums are just a place for mindless chatter? Social Media is a virtual world, connecting people via their interests and drawing them to a centralized location. It’s like a mall with an array of diverse businesses where you shop or visit the places that fit your interests.   You can find whatever you want right there in one location.  Everything is connected and the world is refracting the interconnectivity and truth of Oneness at every turn, within everything, for us to see.If you are experiencing mindless chatter and uninspiring rhetoric, then examine your thoughts & intentions and look for ways to cocreate the experience that you want.  You may be friends with someone on Facebook, however,  you are constantly seeing posts by them that are offensive or annoying and you do not wish to be a part of that, but you don’t want unfriend them, per se, elect to stop receiving “notifications” of their posts in your newsfeed.  This way you can personally go to their wall and post or interact in whatever that you choose, when you want to connect.  How do I do that? Go to your friend’s page, place your cursor over the “friends” button & a drop down icon will appear on the button, move your cursor down the menu. The first option will be “Get Notifications.” If it is checked, click on it to uncheck it and you’re done.  Same thing if you want to receive notifications every time a particular person posts, make sure “Get Notifications” has a check by it.  2ndly, Click “Like” on the pages you are drawn to & subscribe to their notifications to regularly receive the type of information that you do enjoy and want to come to you!  Reminder: Pages are not the same as personal profiles.  Pages are generally businesses or landing pads for specific interests. “Remember, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!”

Social Media Etiquette Tip: When you see something that inspired you, provokes thought within you, etc. on FB “Like It, Share It, Comment.” For Twitter, “Favorite It, Retweet It and Follow.”  Let those who shared their heart to inspire others know that you would like to see more from them. Social Media is a virtual model of life’s grander model, you don’t have to be exposed to things you don’t agree with, you simply need to realize that you are influencing your experiences and choose to actively participate in the moments of your life; otherwise, you will be stuck with whatever shows up.  Participator vs. Spectator, participating in your life is like having a luncheon at work.  You can be that person that takes an active role in informing someone what you do and do not eat so that your needs can be considered during the planing and ordering processes (Participator).  If you don’t choose to take an active role then you will be subject to whatever shows up, which may or may not be something that you like or want (Spectator).   If you are blessed to be exposed to people who uplift you, let them know it, support them so that they will continue to be encouraged and continue to share what feeds you. We all Need that! Embrace the change, understanding it more deeply will expand the quality of your experiences!

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Sophia Grace Brownlee

Sophia Grace Brownlee is the latest craze to take the media world by storm!  Sophia Grace (as she likes to be called per the Ellen Show) is reportedly an 8 yr old who received sudden recognition and fame as an internet celebrity when her parents posted a video of her on youtube a few months ago that went viral, drawing over 8 million hits (views).  The 8 yr old and her cousin (Rosie, 5 yrs) performs the Nicki Minaj song, Super Bass.  Rosie is Sophia Grace’s hype girl for her stage performances. She says, when asked what made them decide to do this together, “Well, we like dancing together and um… Rosie makes me feel more confident when um… cause I’ve got someone with me.”  This little girl is adorable, but come on people.  It is just too much! Sigh…

As a society, most of us are weighing in with opinions of whether this child has talent or not. In my humble opinion, it is evident that she is talented, but the bigger question is, “Is she using her talents in a manner that is appropriate for her age?” Am I alone in my thinking here? Perhaps, I’m from the dinosaur ages. My children often tell me, when I’m discussing various topics with them about their lives, “mom no one thinks like that anymore,” as if I’m some ancient artifact holding wisdom that has been lost eons ago. *chuckles to self* But seriously, her parents seem intoxicated by her talents and charm and have lost their vision of parental foresight and direction. It is their responsibility to understand what doors are opening to little Sophia as a result of this recognition and how those opportunities affect her life path moving forward.  I love Ellen, I think she is hella funny (extremely funny), but I do question where the ball has been dropped in regard to public policy.

Please forgive me for being presumptuous in my thinking, if you haven’t caught wind of the details by now because in my mind everyone has seen the videos and, or heard about little Miss Sophia Grace Brownlee… or, at minimum, you are familiar enough with the Super Bass lyrics to be as DISGUSTED as I am that an eight year AND a five year old have been exposed to such trash.  Side Note:  Now don’t get me wrong, what’s trash to a child is not necessarily trash to an adult and sometimes it is, but in either case, my comments are not judging the quality or lack there of for the song in general, just the appropriation of it for children. If you want my opinion on Super Bass, you’ll have to wait for another post to hear about that. *coy smile*

Okay, since I have already slightly digressed, let’s back up for a minute. For those who haven’t seen the video, go ahead and check it out below and then we can pick up the conversation from there.

If you would like to see the rest of the clip where Nicki performs with Sophia Grace on Ellen click on link.

Have you seen the video? Have you taken a moment to catch your breath? Or were you lost on what you just saw? Either way, it’s okay because I am about to let you into my world. *wink*

Caveat: I mean no disrespect to this little girl, at all. As, I stated earlier, I think she’s adorable. She’s an innocent & extremely talented. Her timing, delivery & level of mastery over her voice for someone so young, is amazing (the clips provided here don’t let you fully appreciate the quality of this little girl’s voice as much as some of the other clips that I’ve seen when she sings the bridge). However, am I the only one concerned with the exploitation of our children?

Why Am I So Concerned? Super Bass has some very explicit lyrics. Even if you try to change what you think is considered profanity, the context of vulgarity that is streamed through this entire song comprises its foundation and most of its content, minus the hook (bridge). I cannot believe that Ellen, the network, her parents, etc., allowed her to sing such a risque song. She omitted words like “f” and “n***as” but said the versus with “hoes, hell of a guy, when he make it drip, drip (the people that are clapping & cheering in the video’s audience obviously do not understand these metaphors, right? Hmmm), he cold he dope he might sell coke (drug reference).” It’s simply inappropriate for a child! Period! But the clincher is @ 4:35 on the video (posted above) where Sophia Grace says, without shame or hesitation, “I think I like him better with the fitted cap on ~ He ain’t even gotta try to put the mac on ~ He just gotta give me that look, when he give me that look then the panties comin’ off, off, uh.”

Rant: WTF People?! Seriously? I’m sorry, but she’s a LITTLE GIRL!!!! Are we really that desensitized that we would miss something this dangerous & blatantly wrong?  What has a man gained, if he gain the whole world & in the end lose his soul?

Alarming Fact: [Her parents are in the Ellen audience crying] as if they just hit the lottery or saw a real life goose that lays golden eggs! Are you serious? Perhaps I’m going in a little hard on the parents. It is possible that they are naive and simply caught up in the whirlwind of excitement and happiness of their children and not thinking clearly? I suppose it is possible that they are as lost on the layers of these verses and the metaphoric meaning as others are with Shakespeare. *Eyebrows crunched ~ thinking* Perhaps, they took the blue pill and have chosen to follow the programs of the matrix. *Long Sigh* Time will tell, as time progresses we will see how all of this is handled on their end. Remember, you shall know them by their fruit.

Reflection: It is irrelevant whether her parents are naive or not. Their behavior thus far is blatantly negligent. It is the responsibility of a child’s guardians to be aware of everything that they are allowing their children to be exposed to (as much as they reasonably can be). If Sophia Grace’s parents are uneducated to the business that she is now being exposed to (entertainment), then it is their job to either learn it or hire someone to act in that capacity for them BEFORE allowing her to move on.

Last Words: The world tells me I should think this is cute and phenomenal and on some level it is, but my spirit is exhaling. Why are we not outraged by this? I’m SPEECHLESS!!

Liberation Through Limitation

We all live in a world full of challenges.  Everyone has a story.  It is true that some are more tragic than others, but we all are faced with something that requires tremendous effort on our parts, to move through. It is up to each of us to see the light in our pain and to recognize that those pains are simply flags, pointers, to help us identify, diagnose and cure the problem.  Psychic (mental) pain is no different than physical pain we just fail to see it with the same clarity.  If we cut our selves or bump our leg up against a table or stub our toe, we immediately address it by getting a band-aid or ice or some type if ointment to soothe the pain and then we quickly realize what we did wrong.  Either we weren’t paying attention or we tried a new method for doing something that did not work or something was out of place.  Whatever the reason may be, we generally identify the cause and make a decision right then and there what needs to be done next to move on and avoid meeting with that pain again. We don’t hold it. With psychic pain we seem to be more remiss about what’s going on. Most of us do not look at the emotional and mental pain the way that we would the physical.  We don’t eagerly assess and address it, most of us shut down or we try to ignore it.  What do you think would happen if we started to meet those emotional/mental ebbs with the same diligence that we do the physical ones? Give this some serious consideration.  How would your life change if you began to monitor your thoughts and feelings and responded with the same immediacy that you do to what is painful to your body?

Part of the reasoning many of us get stuck can be attributed to how we interpret our challenges (our life training). Life’s ebbs, for most people, are considered a bad thing.  We do not enjoy what is uncomfortable.  Our society has become accustomed to thinking in terms of integers, positive and negative.  The problem is that we have taken those terms out of their context and began to label them as good and bad, respectively.  This is a grave mistake.  Negative does not constitute bad, it is simply negative and negative serves it’s purpose, as does positive. Greater education and mastery of these energies will increase your personal power.  Let’s look at the gym as an example.  We see people going to the gym all the time and it is not uncommon to see someone lifting weights, is it?  No, but how many times have you seen someone lift the weight with one intensity/speed in one direction and not repeat that action while moving in the other direction? Those who are well trained do not make this type of mistake.  They understand that the eccentric contraction (negative) and the concentric contraction (positive) are equally as important; although, they serve two very different functions.  A newer comer to the gym or someone who was never properly trained naturally focuses on the positive, squeezing tightly and really putting their best foot forward, but they relax or quit on the exercise (so to speak) on the negative portion.  What is funny about this fact is that it is the negative that is building the most muscle, not necessarily in bulk, but in strength.

It is all a part of the beautiful design of our beingness.  Transcendence is the promise.  It is there awaiting you… waiting for you to push through your boundaries and take the ride, but we must desire to move from where we are to another point within the matrix that holds something greater for us.  We must desire to move forward and then choose to do what is necessary to go towards our vision.  So often we find ourselves trapped in situations, restricted by our own beliefs, beliefs that tell us that there is no way out, only to find that we have caged ourselves within the walls of a wet paper bag.  We hold ourselves prisoner. Our attachments keep us bound to the same self deprecating patterns that have laid its welcome mat on the porch of our comfort zone.  Like an addiction we are continuously called to the emotional ditches that are filled with waste and filth, yet we cannot climb out. We want to move forward yet we can’t seem to get out of our own way! You must divorce the lie, like a bad marriage it is not serving you, just let go of the pain and find the light within the challenge so that the light within you can rise and the lie can die!

Daniel Beaty a singer, writer, playwright, actor, and poet has a poem that puts the perspectives that I shared above into motion. In his heart touching poem “Knock Knock,” Daniel takes his audience through 3 stages, childhood with his father, childhood without his father, and adulthood without his father.  He expresses his grief, his anger and his challenges, but ultimately he invites you into his journey for healing.  He shares how he got out of his own way, by identifying his emotional flags and refusing to allow his pain or past to hold him back.  Daniel used the negatives to his advantage. He achieved liberation through his so-called limitations, envisioning his future as a stronger person, a stronger man, and a stronger contributor to his community.

What did you see when you viewed, Knock Knock? I saw Daniel tell his pain, “I will not be a statistic. I will not be someone who is unstable because my foundation suffered a few cracks. I will not be lost because my leader became distracted. I will be a student of observation and learn in every way possible. Against the odds I will rise. I am not my parent’s choices or my circumstances. I am my own person and I can create what I want. I have no limitations, only challenges that will make me stronger. I AM; therefore, I will be!!”

Prayerfully, you will find light in every challenge that you face. There are not limitations, only opportunities for liberation and a greater you!  Be Blessed!!